“All of us have those things that weigh heavy on our hearts…”

Reveal is an opportunity to come together with a small group of like-minded people to share, support and heal… to leave some of that heaviness behind… to know that perhaps you’re not alone in how you’re feeling and to connect with new people who understand you… 

Through a powerful program of structured group sessions… 1-on-1 support and plenty of time for solitude, we allow you to direct your experience at a depth that is comfortable for you… all that we ask is that you stay with the program… you lean-in when you can and that you are there to support others.

Workshop Schedule

Friday Night (starts at 7PM)

“Build The Tribe”
Authentic Communication


Make your face – Powerful face-casting experience
Delve – Mindful Art Therapy
Wander – Finding inspiration in nature
The Fire – Authentic sharing circle
Reveal Ceremony
Breathwork and guided meditation


Reflection Circle
“The Path” – Walking Meditation
Closing Circle (1PM)


Our program is designed to create a safe and supportive environment with guidelines in-place to ensure there is trust and confidentiality within the group at all times.

We have a program of powerful experiences to uncover and explore the emotional burdens we carry with us everyday.

With the help of an experienced group facilitator, we offer a space to delve deeper, explore your emotions and attempt to release the heaviness… by sharing in the group; you get to know that you’re not alone with your problems and your story can inspire the others.

This… is a space you can be heard… it’s a space you can be seen… it’s a space you can reveal… and heal… 

About Your Facilitator

My name is Andrew Phelan and; believe it or not, I have been involved with helping people work through trauma from the age of 16.

I myself have dealt with significant trauma throughout my childhood but; with the help of authentic sharing programs; was able to release my emotional burdens and step-up to help others do the same.

More recently; I have been involved with group facilitating sessions for at-risk youth dealing with trauma associated with domestic violence, sexual assault, grief and addiction. I am also studying with Torrens University to continually develop my skills.

I find this work SO fulfilling and I now offer authentic sharing experiences to those who need it most in a holistic setting that is approachable for people of all backgrounds.

I think it is essential for people to feel safe to confront the “tough-stuff” that holds people back in life… we all have greatness inside of us… and the world needs to see it… now more than ever!


Crystal Waters Eco Village is just 20 minutes from Maleny in the Sunshine Coast Hinterlands and is home to nearly 300 permanent residents.

It is a privately owned nature reserve, a permaculture training centre and a peaceful place for reflection.

The accomodation is in “The Bunkhouse” and; whilst basic, is comfortable and welcoming.

The venue has an outdoor camp kitchen, communal hot shower block and an impressive fire-pit area.

We chose Crystal Waters for the seclusion and the unique setting; to get our guests a “little” out of their comfort zone in-order to explore the “possible”

Who is this workshop for…

This retreat is for anyone who knows they can be MORE… it’s for those who want to be heard.. but have been too scared to speak-up about the things that hurt them most… it is for those who know that to move forward and to be of service to others, to be everything they can be for themselves, they need to drop the burdens they carry.

This retreat is for those who are open… those who are in a space to hear a different story from what you’ve been telling yourself… those who are willing to explore a different possibility for your identity.

Who is this workshop not for…

Our retreat requires commitment, compassion and adaptability to work.

We are not for those who want to challenge the beliefs of others… who expect more from others than they do themselves, who are not willing to own their behaviour… who are not able to keep their ego’s in-check.

Due to the remote setting; we are not able to accomodate those with chronic health issues or chronic psychiatric illnesses. 


The Investment

I wanted this program to be accessible to anyone so we have structured our retreat to be as affordable as possible.

I’ve been there.. you find a program that speaks to you only to find a hefty price-tag in the thousands because the facilitator “knows their worth”

But, given the right support, you can be happier, more empowered and no-longer limited by your emotional burdens and… you deserve it more than anyone!

So… our generous 2-day workshop is priced at just $444 per person including accomodation, light meals and all activities.

Better-still… we offer Afterpay so you can split the costs over-time.

In all cases… we want to work for the ones that need it most, so if you feel the call to join us, and you are experiencing financial, or any other barriers… please contact us so we can help you!

PLACES ARE LIMITED TO JUST 11 PEOPLE secure your space now!


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